Friday, July 29, 2011

Seaside Ferris Wheel

What's the situation?
These days I can usually handle any situation that arises. It wasn't always that way. Early in my formative years, there were situations that left me in a panic. I don't think I slept much that night before we square danced in gym class. We were told the day before by Mr. A, our macho gym teacher, that the boys would be choosing their partners first. After taking the roll, he quickly lifted the heavy, blue plastic screen exposing a line of girls, equally in a panic-city mode as well, I'm sure. I was one of the last to select that morning (quite shy, really), and to this day I thank God for two things that happened. One: petite, cute, blonde, Ellie was still 'standing'. And two: when I asked she smiled and nodded. She was a straight A student, who seldom uttered any words at all. But that smile and nod spelled relief to me that winter morning in seventh grade.
Adult situations don't necessarily put me in panic. I usually can handle them, even if it takes me awhile. But I've recently started an almost 3 week 'run' with Elenka in Florida... YIKES!


  1. Oh square dancing is a horrible memory. I wonder why we had to do that in school.

  2. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Truth be told, miss ya wicked....

  3. I remember those gym dance classes too... gasp! I like your shot for the day... a good perspective.

  4. try waltzing with the broom when you feel overwhelmed with missing your beautiful elenka. or waltz on over to vermont for a day or so. we'll smile and nod as much as you'd like.

  5. oh such painful day and times!

  6. If it's what I'm thinking ...... too much information!
    Be well, Birdman.

  7. Our school system was and it is lousy, but a dance class wouldn't be possible here!

  8. Oh, seventh grade...... the partnering situation........ can it be any more emotionally stressful? Maybe the showers after PE were worse!

    I can almost hear the music in this photo!

  9. Nice photograph. And the story was interesting too.

  10. Beautiful, colorful.
    Love the narrative too.

  11. Another interesting nostalgic tale from Birdman. Didn't anyone tell you that Florida is for the winter, not the summer?

  12. I can say with 100% certainty that this is the only time I've enjoyed reading/seeing anything related to Jersey Shore and the Situation.
    Cool story to go with that shot.

  13. Jack- Remember, she's in Florida. I'm in refreshing Maine. hahahaha

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