Thursday, March 26, 2015

3- Washington Avenue

If you...
-love watching turtles sun themselves
-starting kindergarten
-building forts out of pine
-having birthday parties in the barn
-walking to buy penny candy with Dad
-listening to a Teddy Bear's Picnic on the radio
-climbing and exploring Elephant Hill
-making igloos out of ice-packed snow
-getting side-swiped by a car
-exploring the new house being built next door
-dressing up in your cowboy costume, six guns and all
-shutting your finger in a car door
-having a bedroom all your own
-seeing Dad pull in the driveway in the mail truck
-riding a school bus and punching a bus ticket
-having friends over for the night
-drinking lemonade on the front porch
-welcoming a baby sister and brother
-watching crows fly in the barn windows
-rummaging through cardboard boxes for old WW2 Bill Maldin cartoons
-climbing trees all over
-learning to ride my two-wheel bike on Lawrence
-driving Tonka trucks in Scotty's sand
-planting potatoes with Dad
-viewing rats raiding Mom's birdfeeder
-reporting to Dad about the huge tree that fell in Hurricane Carol.
... you would have loved 1022 Washington Ave.


  1. A full family life!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. Looks like a great place to grow up!

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  4. Sounds like you had a mostly happy childhood, Birdman.

  5. Perfectly the best place to grow up!! So many M&M's (memory makers)

  6. It's quite clear that YOU loved living there. Great memories, Birdman. Thanks for your comment on my blog today; have to admit that the fence was a pure coincidence with Frost's birthday. Thanks to you, I amended my post to include that fact.

  7. Except for the rats, I like everything!

  8. Sounds to me like there are lots and lots of great memories from this place. What pretty house!

  9. Getting sideswiped by a car isn't fun!

  10. now THIS is a house full of memories!

  11. Rats! Yep, been there. One of the reasons my bird-feeding operation has come to an end. :-(

  12. Rats! Yep, been there. One of the reasons my bird-feeding operation has come to an end. :-(

  13. Love the post today! The Teddy Bear's Picnic has always freaked me out - something very spooky about it.

  14. A tribute to young life before digital games. This is a lovely home and I believe it is where you grew up , , , ---- barbara

  15. Methinks I would have enjoyed a few!

  16. OK, I surrender ! I WOULD have loved living there !

  17. I wonder if anyone survives childhood without getting a finger slammed in a car door.
    And how familiar many of those other happier memories are, too.

  18. Remember the halloween parties across the street on Lawrence bobbing for apples?
    I do remember your birthday party in the barn. Daddy had the Jeep. How the heck did he get three kids mom and the baby J in that vehicle! No seatbelts... back then guess that'll do it.

    Lakeland Checks In!

  19. I would enjoy many of those things, but watching the rats, NO!

  20. So that's the house where you grew up. It's beautiful. You can't do quite all of those things if you are a kid in an apartment but you can still do a lot. And I got to ride the subway by myself when I was 11.

  21. All that in one house, wow! I guess I had that too, many memories of events of time but mine took place all over this country from Florida to Texas to California to Maine then back to California and back to Maine then to South Dakota and on to Tennessee finishing up in various parts of Ohio. Yep, you guessed it, I'm a military brat...Air Force that is, Strategic Air Command.

  22. You had me at watching turtles sun themselves Birdman :)

  23. You had me at watching turtles sun themselves Birdman :)

  24. You have an amazing memory, as others have noted . . . Another cool house that survived your family :)) xx