Monday, March 30, 2015

Our Brackets

*At the risk of boring most of my readers, today's blog will be about my NCAA basketball brackets.

How are YOUR Brackets doing?
Mine? Thanks for asking. After 60 games, I've had 37 winners and 23 losers. Luckily again this year, I'm doing it just for fun. No $$$$$ involved. Now in the past at work, UNLV('90), University of Arkansas ('94) and Kansas University ('08) have sent me home with over $120 in my pocket. I always pick my spots. I'm not a basketball fanatic. I follow NCAA basketball through the winter on the peripheral only. My favorite conference is the BIG10. There are 4 teams left Wisconsin, Kentucky, Michigan State and Duke. Two BIG10 teams are left Wisconsin and Michigan State. The University of Kentucky is 38-0 and the odds on favorite to take it all Monday April 6 in the National Championship Game in Indianapolis.
Like I say, I play it for fun (37-23).
Elenka played again this year too (28-32).
No idea what she played it for.
My selections were based on records, logical guesses and a few long shots.
Before she made her choices, I offered some suggestions.
She wanted NO part of my help.
Elenka's choices were made based on states she's visited or would like to visit.
She STILL ended up with 28 winners so far.
So much for the odds.
I'm shaking my head now.
How does she do it?
*btw Yes, I've got UK in that last game.


  1. It's all sports geek to me, LOL

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. I would only do it for money, and I would probably loose a lot of it and that's why I stopped gambling many years ago.

  3. I follow college basketball now only when the NCAA tournament starts. There has been several really good games so far.

  4. i wondered if you took UK to the end. :)

  5. I'm rooting for Kentucky. I hate to see a streak like that broken!

  6. I had you bracketed for something else entirely.
    You've shattered my beliefs
    the structures that keep life together
    Perhaps there is a place where brackets matter
    where hoops and hops go hand in hand
    For now, I'll just go have a beer. Cold. On ice.
    In Maine. On snow-covered land.

  7. Replies
    1. Not really. You build upon it, taking one game at a time. I do it, as I say, for fun now. I like fun.

  8. That's something completely new to me...

  9. My bracket went to crap long ago... I only root for KU.

  10. UK in the last game seems like a fairly safe bet, Birdman.

  11. I lost interest after Arizona lost.

  12. It has been a fun year for watching basketball. I like teams like Wisconsin where you've been able to watch players develop over the years. I don't follow closely, but have been told that Kentucky's players play a year and go pro. I really like the idea of STUDENT athletes. Perhaps I'm being idealistic. How would it be possible to commit that much time to basketball, be gone that long, and still be ready for those final exams?

    Fun conversation!


  13. huh? the only brackets i have [ ].
    no, really...congrats on your 37 wins! :)

  14. I got back in time only for the Final Four. Maybe that is a good thing.