Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stache Playbill

Grow 'em, if you got 'em.
It's all about the stache!
I've had mine since 1974.
Marchin grew one once. My Dad sported one too for a time. Heck, even J- had one for about a day and a half. When the Sgt. Pepper album made the scene in 1967, with the four mop tops all wearing them, I think everyone in my dorm grew them. Where am I going with this? Well, on March 27th at the State Theater there will be a celebration of facial hair at an event called Stache Pag. On display will be some of the most daring moustaches and beards in the city. It's a competition too. Prizes will be awarded in the categories of: Magnum PI- natural stache, no beards, 1899 Maine Legislature- styled moustaches, no beards. Wax, dyes and other aids allowed, the Castaway- full natural beard and the Thigh Tickler- freestyle facial hair, anything goes.
Sounds like a wild, fun time to me.
You know, those stache guys can be kinda crazy.
The stache is back!
* March 27th Happy Moustache Day in Portland!


  1. I think the stache never left Birdman :)

  2. I've had a beard for years. I do keep it trim, though.

  3. I hope to see several outstanding photos from this event on your blog!

  4. I had a beard of sorts when I was young, but never a moustache...

  5. Sorry but I never had a moustache and don't plan on ever having one...

    1. Keep aging. I think it's possible.

  6. Go for it!
    There's a beard competition in a small community west of ours. Some of the winners look pretty remarkable.

  7. Now there's an unusual celebration/competition!

  8. I had an uncle who sported a long waxed mustache when I was growing up. It was a little scary.

  9. You are sure to win, Birdster.

  10. Are you a photographer for this competition, or are you competing yourself?

  11. I guess everything that was "out" eventually comes back "in". Hope you win the contest!

  12. ha, how vote goes to you!