Wednesday, April 15, 2009

City Hall

Today, the Taxman Cometh, but let us not busy ourselves with the mundane right now. I haven't had much contact with City Hall in my years in the city, and most of my time visiting this building revolves around entertainment. Built in 1909, it houses what is now called Merrill Auditorium, and the site of some memorable times. My high school graduation was held here in the old City Hall Auditorium, as it was 'plainly' called back in the day. I remember it being one of those stifling, warm early June evenings. I languished through, almost three hours of speech after speech it seemed, for this benchmark ceremony to end, and the fun to begin... prom(no, I didn't attend... no one to go with. Poor me! Ha!) and parties(I did attend). Kendall, Paul, Tom and I had great fun! Another night, soon after, was when Jethro Tull first step foot in America. Ian Anderson and the boys put on a dynamic show! I was there, front row- middle, with some 'girl' friends. Thanks to 'comps' from Erebus. Anybody remember the old hippy-dippy head shop? Wild clothes, beads, boots, pipes, bongs etc anything you needed to look 'sharp' in the day. The touring musical, Cats, The Magic of Christmas and a talk by the 'wrapping' artist Christo (I still regret not going to NYC that next weekend and viewing The Gates in Central Park. It snowed. How beautiful it looked. Ah, the things we should have done...) were all stops here along my way. If I was there, it was important in my life, you could say. Knowledge, Rock, Musicals, Christmas and Art. It really is ALL about me!

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  1. I remember attending a student art show there a few years ago. It felt so welcoming in there with the art of elementary school students displayed in the front foyer and up the steps.