Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just Say NO!

Let's keep it simple this morning. An early stroll on Custom House Wharf will afford you lots of opportunities to view the simple word NO! Now, many parts of the area definitely look deserted, uninhabited, and give a sense of economic blight, but don't be fooled. The wharf is very much alive, even in these uncertain times. As far back as I can remember, it has always had an allure for the camera, and certainly, establishments like the Porthole Restaurant, Harbor Fish, and the Comedy Connection pull, both natives and tourists, off Commercial Street daily.


  1. I don't understand why the eye is drawn to decay but it is so oddly beautiful. Perhaps because the story is told with "no" need of language.

  2. I stand aback to post a comment because you say it all. Your eye for art and your surroundings are incredible. It must be in the blood of a "mainer". My wife, who is a native of maine, has that same quality. I enjoy coming to your blog.