Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shadows Don't Lie!

Shadows don't lie! Through my teenage years, four magazines stood out above all others. LIFE, for its wonderful photographs, was a teaching tool for a budding relationship between myself and that camera. The Saturday Evening Post was another. I'd run for the magazine rack each time I visited my grandparents, next to the Dairy Queen, to check out the latest cover by some artist named Rockwell. I'm reading an autobiography of his right now. Sports Illustrated-- I actually had a subscription to it from seventh grade through high school. It was the bible for any young sports' addict. Lastly, there was Mad! Founded in 1952 by a couple of geniuses named Kurtsman and Gaines, I'd laugh for literally hours with it, after Eddie passed it on. Now, my favorite feature, when it appeared, was always "Shadows Don't Lie". The comic setup had two boxes side by side. One showing, for example, two really ugly people on a blind date, introducing themselves politely and saying all the right things. The second box would tell the 'truth' and show how one or both of them really felt about the meeting. One, at least, was always throwing up! Sick... but I loved it! HaHaHa! I'm still laughin'. I thought of this when I got back after a trip to the beach and saw this one. Reflections sometimes do, I guess.


  1. You cast a mighty tall shadow, Birdman. This is a riveting shot. And great commentary.