Thursday, April 30, 2009

White Barn

No, it's not Maine's only 5 star restaurant and inn, but it was found south from here a bit. I was out on an 'adventure' came around a corner and there it was--white, white-- quite stunning against an ice-blue sky. Ok, I'm looking for something in my office, in my desk. I know it's there, but just can't seem to find it. Then out of nowhere, I find that fountain pen, that cord for the camera, that copy of the letter I thought I had lost years ago. How funny that seems to be! Looking for something you need, but finding another. As I remember, there was even a Seinfeld episode about it. Losing something important to you, but finding something of equal value? This happens a lot to me. Just riding around, with or without the camera, and finding that 'little treat' around the next corner. Ha! This happen to anybody else, or just me?

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  1. Hey cool pic! I had now idea that Portland had a farm side to it!