Saturday, April 25, 2009

Red Barn

It's springtime along the Saco River, and things are beginning to change fast. I think I even see green grass in the 'backyard and beyond'. See! Summer is on the way! Another reason I know it's coming? Just got back from an April get-a-way to the Southwest... San Antonio! What a wonderful city, so family friendly in every way. The Riverwalk, Tex-Mex 24/7, Dos Equis(Stay thirsty, my friend!), FIESTA 2009, and we loved it! Made a few purchases along the way--bought a GREAT belt and a Texas Ranger 'star'(with my name on it) to pin on my shirt. Now, let 'em try to kick me around! Another harbinger of a summer on the way? Just got my Moodies tickets for the Meadowbrook Pavilian(NH) this August. Great venue to see the boys under August stars!
Going to be in the 70's today in and around the city! Can't beat those numbers in April, along the Saco and beyond.


  1. We've spent some happy times along the Riverwalk, but those were years ago. I don't think the Texas Ranger star is gonna cut any ice up where you live!

    Love the barns photograph so nicely and they have a certain comfort about them.

  2. hey Mr,Norton interesting photo I love reminds me of my grandpa's red barn that had his horse steel hoofs because he was so strong...Nice photo!!!