Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ice Out

Finally, the torrential spring rains overnight have taken most of the last remnants of winter around here away. The ice, covering the small spring down the road has dissolved, and the water has flooded its banks. Raft season comes to mind. This time of year, Leo, Eddie, the boys and I would get busy. The swampy area at the end Mayfield would overflow, signaling it was time to build our primitive rafts out of small timber pieces and any leftover wood we could find. It wouldn't take a lot time to build them. We had to hurry because the fun was over when the water receded. When construction ended, we boarded them, two to a raft, and preceded to enjoy ourselves, for days. Battling 'Tom and Huck-like', we'd see whose crude wood was the most 'water savvy'. Most times, we'd sink each other and put our friends in the brink! It was always a short, cold walk home for dry clothes. What fun!


  1. What a great childhood. I'd be worried about hypothermia. That water is ccccollldddd!!!

  2. Beautiful! Mother Nature is amazing.