Sunday, April 26, 2009


Sunday AM is always a quiet time around here. Here's a shot looking up Congress Street towards Maine Medical Center. The good, the bad and the ugly! Many people have great fears associated with buildings like this. I won't go that far, but I'd have to say I have a genuine distaste for hospitals. Most of the times I've been in MMC, the situations have not been pleasant. However, July 9, 1986 was the exception, the birth of my son. One of the two best days of my life. I'll cherish these days forever. You want ugly? Just don't get me talking about the 'dog on the wall' and my Greyhound stories, traveling through the night on the NY Thruway for four years.


  1. I have nothing but good memories of Maine Medical Center. My son was born there in April 1986 and just celebrated his 23rd birthday; if it wasn't for Maine Med that may not have been the case.

    My wife had serious medical issues with her pregnancy and Maine Med was one of the premier neonatal hospitals in the US. The staff and doctors (is Dr. McCann still there!!!) were wonderful for the two months she was hospitalized before the birth.

    So this picture brings back good memories of Maine Med and fond memories of my time in Portland.

  2. One of the two best days of my life, too.

  3. i took a bike ride past there a few days ago and also i was born there