Sunday, July 12, 2009

Audubon Woods

Lots of things on the 'to do list' for each summer as it rolls along, and this one is no different. One big job to get done was to get a new vehicle, not a new one but a 'previously owned' one, if you get my drift. Headed south, out along some blue highways, one rainy morning last week to check out some used car lots, but got side-tracked and ended up at the Gilsland Farm Audubon Center. I enjoy stopping by here every once in a while to take a meander along many of the footpaths on the property, checking out the gardens, the many birdhouses(of course) and the Nature Store. It's a good place to stroll and think. This day I took a walk out back of the store, along the wooded path headed towards the water. Down a muddy trail, I came across these trees. Viola! Another example of life's surprises, looking for something... finding something else.


  1. What a good detour you took. This is a terrific shot. Did you go on after stopping here to continue your car quest?

  2. That is a fantastic shot :D

  3. Kitty-
    Yes, I did find a car to my liking-- however it's a vehicle that might bring tears to the eyes of the Audubon Society!