Saturday, July 18, 2009

St. Joseph's Church

St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church celebrates its Centennial this year. Founded in 1909, lots of memories for me reside in this building on Stevens Avenue. I grew up attending Mass here and going to St. Joseph's School, next door, til the seventh grade. I received my First Communion and Confirmation at this church, went to Teddy's funeral in 1965 and in 1974 attended my sister's wedding here. As I remember, I even went to a Men's Retreat here with my Dad and thought it so strange to see a building filled with just guys. Although many of my buddies did, I can never remember skipping Mass. Most Sundays, I attended the 7 AM service after finishing my paper route. The stone columns that line the center aisle and stained glass windows on the outside walls are beautiful, and the wooden Stations of the Cross along these walls always intrigued me with their carved intricacies. Through the years, the many faces passing through the heavy, iron front doors have changed, but these walls remain firm and inviting... holding countless memories of yesterday.


  1. Saturday afternoon confessions were such a drag,since I was a good Catholic boy and never fought with my brothers and sisters, nor talked back to my parents.
    I do remember sitting with the rest of my class and singing at the children's Mass.
    I like this picture and the many memories it has spawned.

  2. That bench looks as if it could tell a story or two, too, Birdman.