Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Nope! Still not Dwight(Yoakam), but I am getting older. Another year is under the belt. In my travels over the years, I have learned a few things about myself. Here are 10 things that today 'I Know for Sure'... whether Oprah knows or even cares.
*I can make anyone smile!
*I'm a pretty nice guy!
*The leather vest might be the most important piece of clothing ever!
*I'm sentimental as hell!
*I'm better today then I was yesterday!
*I have no filter( I struggle with this)!

*Family is most important to me!
*Next to Candyland, Baseball is the greatest game of all!
*I have nice eyes!
*I'm gonna write that book!
Ok, give me twelve.
*I can talk FOREVER!
* Life is what happens, when we're busy making other plans!
Have a wonderful day! I was born at 7:10 AM. Happy B-day to me!


  1. Oprah also doesn't know that you are the BEST. Happy Birthday my beloved.

  2. do do do do do do, they say it's your birthday, dah dah dah dah dah dah, Happy Birthday to yah...we're gonna have a party, party.
    Happy Birthday Bro!

  3. Happy Birthday, Birdman. Hope it's a rip roarin, rootin tootin, great grub, straight shootin, smokin-sound, all around fabulous sort of day.

  4. Happy birthday, Birdman!! May this be a wonderful day and may the upcoming year be a wonderful one. As for your "filter" - it's getting better!! You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

  5. Happy Birthday (brother) Birdman. Wishing you all the riches of the day and more! Love you partner.

  6. Stevie, at the age of three, once made a comment as we were driving down Commercial Street...'that's a hellava boat'...
    Birdman is a hellava brother...and the filter thing...yeah he can make you laugh, smile, and down right cry out in pain!!!
    It's all good...happy birthday Birdman,
    Love ya, bro!