Saturday, July 25, 2009

Philly Phandom

As you know, I love the grand ol' game. This past week, I spent an evening at Citizens Bank Park in the heart of Philadelphia with good friends. If you like a pitcher's duel, you would have loved the Phillies vs Cubs game. Me? I'd rather see balls bouncing around the outfield like in a loud, flashing pinball game. It ended in the 13th with a walk-off 4-1 win for the home team. The Phillies phans went phanatical! I guess a World Series Championship will help do that for a city. In a reflective moment mid-game, looking out at 40,000 plus 'phanatical phans', I thought about watching the Sox at the Fens. If you've spent your entire MLB life in small, tight seats, searching for a reasonable parking fee, visiting inadequate, dirty restrooms, paying for overpriced franks and such (even at a baseball shrine like Fenway), you can't be anything but envious of this beautiful major league facility. In my lifetime? In Boston? I can dream can't I?
ps. Welcome Jim Ed Rice, #14, to the Baseball Hall of Fame tomorrow!


  1. I like that diamond stud in his ear and the shimmer you've caught in his beard and eyebrows/lashes.

  2. To bad you didn't get his face

  3. Becuase I'm positive that his face is VERY good looking :)