Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Captured on a rock at Smuggler's Cove, these barnacles look attractive, but can and will do a job on your feet, if you are not cautious moving among the rocks here. By the way, our family often took a ride here after ice cream at Strafford Farms(strawberry was my favorite) to watch the incoming surf, especially after storms. Dad would regale us with stories of pirates and hidden treasure each trip. True tales? Who knows, but they were entertaining. His stories would expand a bit each visit, and Mom would just sit in the front seat and smile, knowingly. To this day, I still wonder what all that grinning was about.


  1. The grinning may have been the precurser to the fact that dad was the only person in the world (other than mom) who truly knew the secret to the nine stones mystery. My feet hurt just looking at this photo. Chocolate ice cream was my favorite.

  2. Chocolate on a sugar cone, please.

    Marchin, the only nine stones I want to hear about is the wine, not the mystery!

  3. She was grinning because she was looking at you!
    I grin when I look at you......most of the time!

  4. Love the composition of this. And the commentary. I didn't know what to expect when I saw the thumbnail. But white sprinkles on chocolate ice cream was a possibility. Is always a possibility.

  5. I, personally, have given up on the "nine stones mystery". I'm still trying to let go of the fact that I was gullible enough to believe the story about the original Rolling Stone members! I, like "anonymous", will from now on just stick to Nine Stones Wine (it's very good).
    As for the ice cream cone, chocolate on a sugar cone for me.

  6. Great story!
    Chocolate chip on a sugar cone for me.