Monday, July 27, 2009


If you wander down an alleyway just off of Temple Street, you'll find yourself looking up at these fire escapes. It reminds me a bit of the backside of the old six-links at Morrill's Corner. At least that was what my Dad called it. It was the L-shaped row of apartments that hovered over the corner, above the barbershop, Howard's Variety Store, White's 5 and 10 Cents Store and a few other small storefronts at the top of Bishop Street. As a paperboy, I had to head up the long stairwell daily, through the often darkened hallways evenings and early mornings. As I remember, it was always warm in there, whatever the season, with strange odors wafting through the hallways and interesting 'characters' behind the many doors. The floors constantly creaked, sending eerie sounds throughout my visit. There were probably 25 units within this brick building, that is still standing today. Often, my brother and sister helped me out delivering papers in this area of my route and got to experience some of these sights and sounds.


  1. I lived about a hardware store in a small town. I hated that walk up the stairs and the creeky floors. Looks like one person has decorated their part of the escape with some plants.

  2. It was a creepy place, a deep breath of fresh air was required once you parked your bike at the foot of the stairs of 5 Bishop.
    A perfect setting for a future Steve King novel..
    On those occasions where money had to collected, it always amazed me that once the door opened, a shaft of light split the darkness...and a warm comfortable apartment and a friendly face appeared.

  3. Boring!Anonymous

  4. Love the colours and shapes in the picture