Monday, July 20, 2009

Sale and Move

I've always been intrigued by big ol' barns. When we were looking for an old house, back a ways, I thought I'd LOVE to have a large barn with that rural New England character. Boy, am I happy, I got talked out of that! Here's the reason... they fall down! Or they at least fall into great disrepair, cost big bucks to upkeep and in many cases are in want of a bulldozer. But, if you have some free time this summer, you might want to purchase this one on Rt. 112, take it down board by board, load it on flatbeds, transport it to parts unknown or your backyard, unload at your convenience, do major structural work and reassemble it board by board. Then sit back and admire. Another remedy, might be asking the local volunteer fire department to give you a hand in a 'controlled burn'! As for me, I think I'll take a nap after thinking about ALL that!

1 comment:

  1. But look at those lines. It's still a beautiful barn, despite its condition.