Monday, July 6, 2009

Lobster Pots

The Fisherman's C0-Op at Pine Point is a pretty safe place to pick up your order of tasty crustaceans this time of year. When you venture out there, you always want to have the camera at the ready- lots of sights and sounds for that matter. However, some people might rather write about lobsters than devour them, so for them today, I've provided some rhyming words compliments of the Oxford Dictionary of Rhymes so they might complete their poem: "Ode to the Lobster".
Lobster pot
• cannot •slip knot • forget-me-not •touch-me-not • topknot • whatnot •crackpot, jackpot •blackspotdashpot • sexpot • despot •fleshpot • teapot • stinkpot • tinpot •gallipot, talipot •chimney pot • nightspot • stockpot •tosspothotspot • hotpot • stewpot •fusspot • sunspot • flowerpot •pepperpot • lobster pot • tommyrotdogtrot, jogtrot •foxtrot •slapshot, snapshot •mailshot • grapeshot • slingshot •eyeshot • potshot • bloodshot •mugshot • buckshot • troubleshot •gunshot • upshot • earshot •Aldershot • Hottentot • aliquot •diddly-squat • Ofwatloquat •kumquat • somewhat • megawatt •kilowatt • paraquat • terawatt.
Ok, there ya go for a start. Again, if you'd rather eat 'em... pass the butter, please!


  1. Coming to Maine so please provide.. a sunspot
    And let's include a ...nightspot
    So I don't become a ...fusspot
    'Cause that could lead to.. buckshot
    Then I'd need a... mugshot
    So..let's just take some... snapshots!

  2. Marchin O'NeachtainJuly 6, 2009 at 11:31 AM

    Whenever you cook a lobster the dilemma always seems to be, should the lobster be placed into the pot and allow the water to come to a vigorous boil and allow the crustacean to experience a slow and tormented death. OR, if you choose to bring the water to a full boil and drop the lobster for a quick demise, either way, the lobster tastes the same. However, there are rules: If you choose the former, it is best to salt the water so that the lobster falls asleep and always include a companion lobster so that there is some hope. If you choose the latter, insure that you have some earplugs for your ears, so that you will not hear the screams of the arthropod.

  3. Marchin, I agree with you regarding the dilemma. One way to help alleviate any guilt that may develop as a result of the dilemma is to make sure that you have plenty of wine to consume during the cooking process. The effects of the wine help to numb your senses and, therefore, not become too emotionally involved with "poor ol' dying Crusty".

  4. Marchin, we have told you before that you cannot,
    make things up, fabricate, pretend and whatnot,
    no one In his right mind would cook a lobstah in a cold pot,
    Then blast up the heat and SLOWLY get him hot!
    So hot, in fact, his eyeballs would get bloodshot,
    any partner you would give him would mean diddly squat.
    Salt puts him to sleep? I really think not!
    In the salt water ocean, he’d be sleeping a lot!
    So leave the cooking to a Dimillos type hotspot,
    Now, sip on some wine with a favorite sexpot.

  5. I am so glad I went back and looked at what I'd missed while I was away.