Wednesday, August 5, 2009


What do they say? When one door closes in life, another one opens? Certainly, when it comes to business establishments, it's true. Here's a side door at The Asylum on Center Street. It has three bars and a full schedule of live bands. I guess, it's a 'happening place'. I've never been past these doors... well, sort of... I visited this building many times in one of its former lives as The Art Gallery Restaurant. I remember it as having delicious steaks and a lively atmosphere for a dinner with good friends. I guess, I'm thinking about this this morning, because last evening we had friends over for a chicken barbecue. It had to be the best summer night we've had so far. When it finally broke up around midnight, it was still warm under a starry sky. It was a night full of mouth-watering food, wonderful friends, laughter and memories. How can you beat that?


  1. I second the thought about last night! A twice a year event I always look forward to.

  2. I third the thought about last night! Great food and great company on a great summer's evening . . . what more could one want?
    As for the Art Gallery - when I was student teaching in the late 70's, a group of us would congregate there on Friday afternoons for a glass of wine and a round of backgammon. Good times . . .

  3. I fourth that and I wasn't even there. It's true. Summer, friends, good food...always a winning combination.

  4. The door is a wonder in to itself. Sounds like summer is good to you all.

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