Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Apples Linger

Last Sunday I picked up all my birdhouses that are sprinkled throughout our backyard. It's become a late fall ritual for me- pick them up, clean them and make a note or two on ones that need a bit of a touch-up before they're hung again. Over the past few years, this tree has become one of my favorites here in our yard, and would certainly say it's also become a most popular visiting site for the deer that will chance to wander through the yard over the next few months. The ones that survive til November 28th, the end of hunting season around here, that is. Under this apple, there are hundreds of drops already, but I've seen no evidence of any 'visits' to the tree yet. As soon as the snow hits; however, the whitetails will be moving in for these munchies. It'll prove again that Jack London was on to something with his 'survival of the fittest' theme in his stories and books, and our tree here will help provide some of the fittest, during the upcoming long, cold Maine winter.


  1. This is a great shot, Birdman. I've been snapping these naked trees with their apple pendants for the last few weeks but I'm never entirely pleased with the image. You've got it just right! Our reservations are made and we'll arrive in Portland on the 3rd of December, depart sometime on the 5th. Let me know when and where you'd like to meet...if you're still game.

  2. Friday evening? Saturday AM? Either?