Monday, November 23, 2009


Our woodshed is ecstatic again. The wood is in. Finally! We burn about two cord of wood each year to supplement our main heating system. You really can't beat wood stove heat during a Maine winter or just to ward off the early morning chills this time of year. Our Vigilant stove literally saved us during the infamous ice storm of '98. I don' really complain much about moving the wood; I kind of enjoy it. There is a stipulation though; blaze orange is a must: hat, vest, mitts. That's a big change since 50's when my grandfather and his hunting buddy Uncle E- would head out into the woods seeking the elusive whitetail in their black and red checked hunting coats. I always knew it was getting close to Turkey Day when I saw him sporting this look.


  1. That young man with the long hair (Hey, let me cut your hair already!)
    is the love of my life. Well, other than Birdman, that is.

  2. this reminds me of Escher for some reason!

    Your comment cracked me up back at my place.

  3. May this stack of wood keep you warm through the long Maine winter. This must be your son...