Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Ya, Ya, Ya I know I'm not supposed to post critters, but I love this shot with the mix-matched walkway in the gentle rain. It's Molly, who along with Sophie, have the run of 10 acres around here. Their main job? Chase down any critters that might unfortunately find their way indoors. Along the way, they now entertain and keep us company on this trip we call Life. My long relationship with felines goes back to those happy days in Westbrook with Josie and Albert and their cat Smokey. On Stevens there was Inky, our first. Later on Coyle, I do remember that Christmas vacation when I attempted to covertly keep Saskia in my third floor bedroom. I failed, but that's another story. They've made us laugh; they've made us cry... we've loved them all! Today, I want recognize our kitties who have been with us in this old farmhouse and have helped to keep the peace. Even though there is not much peace in the house, as you might imagine, when it's 2 AM and there's a chipmunk loose in the house in January! So I simply say-- Thank You! Wiz, Mickey, Nutmeg, White Sox, Eclipse, Molly and Sophie. ALL very special in their unique ways, and along the way have left us with wonderful memories!
*Election Day result: Question 1 resoundly defeated same-sex marriage bill(in a surprise) 53% to 47% with a 56% turnout state-wide. They expected a 35% turnout. As Maine goes?


  1. Fabulous photograph. I always love tributes to cats ( :
    Big sigh over the vote.

  2. I believe maine has always been a conservative state and probably will always be one......sorry about the vote. What do you think this cat is thinking about? This is Molly's Flagstone Throne.

  3. the cat is so cute

  4. Too bad about the same sex bill being voted down. As Maine goes ... so goes Maine. I don't think Maine is an accurate barometer of country anymore.