Thursday, November 19, 2009

Early Walk

Near Monument Square on Congress Street sits this glassed-in METRO bus stop. It's a pretty popular spot in inclement weather and on especially blustery winter days. This autumn morning the city is stunning and bright. I used to travel by bus a lot in high school heading to the Portland Public Library, when it was located near Congress Square. I think I remember being there just about every week doing some sort of research in American Heritage Magazine for Mr. Dunnell, but that was in another life. Also rode it back and forth for a time after college, when I lived on Deering Street. Took it to work at Evergreen with my old buddy Fillinger. Man, I learned a lot about life from that ol' guy... great memories-- Doris, 'chewin' gum', leaving a leak, wonderful stories of the life in this city in the twenties and thirties and so many more images that are making me SMILE right now. Strange, how a song, a picture or a place that you stumble upon can take you rocketing back to another time in your life without any control. I kinda like that!

1 comment:

  1. I know this bus-stop well. It brings a host of my own Portland memories rushing back. Thanks, Birdman. Now we're both smiling.