Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tommy's Park

Here's Tommy's Park at the corner of Exchange and Middle in the heart of the Old Port. It's a small oasis of green among the brickwork with a hot dog stand or two. There are always some nice reflections in these windows too. Back a ways, the day always started with delivering papers, the Portland vs. Deering Thanksgiving game @10:30, turkey at our house, watching the Lions on TV , and then getting together in the backyard for pickup game of pigskin with the gang. Life was simple then. Today, our extended family celebrates Thanksgiving spread across the globe-- Frankfurt, Virginia, Maine, Florida, Oregon and New Jersey. Happy Turkey Day!


  1. As always, Birdman, you give us such powerful scrumptious memories...delightful, excellent; especially: delicious!!!
    Have a Gobble Gobble Delicious Day!!! Take no prisoners, and don't leave without leftovers!!
    love ya,
    Florida checks in

  2. Birdman, I hope that you, Mrs. Birdman, and Little Bird have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with your family and count your many blessings.

  3. Great photo of Tommy's Park. May you all have wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

  4. I'm going to guess that you're eating in NJ. Am I right?

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Birdman, you forgot about the tradition of vacuuming that went on in our home while watching the games, lift your feet...
    Checking in from Oregon.