Monday, November 16, 2009


Just off of West Grand Avenue at Old Orchard Beach, this rising walkway heads to the water. These days, I love walking on an abandon beach this time of year. Back a few years for me, it was all about Noah's Ark, a large boat-shaped funhouse that rocked back and forth, while a loud, distorted loudspeaker blared and the infamous Jack and Jill Slide, where a wooden bucket would take you to the top of a a 50-foot tall tower on a hemp mat for a rocket-like ride down the metal slide. Once, I suffered quite a burn on my arm, when I was unlucky enough to have my arm touch the slide on the way down. Needless to say, it was a few years before OSHA. Today, they'd never let these rides 'survive' in this kid-cautious world we live in. Today, my 'ride' is just getting to the top of this rise and taking in the beauty of what's just beyond my reach.


  1. Great shot! I feel the solitude.

  2. As a young boy I would spend parts of every summer in Old Orchard with my Grandfather. The memories of Noah's Ark, the Jack and Jill slide, the borro pulled cars through the coal mine,The Casino at the end of the Pier ( a miniture golf then ) and memories of the first bikinis I had ever seen. Of course those rides and my Grandfather are gone but the memories remain. Thanks for letting me visit them again.