Monday, November 9, 2009


From my youth a favorite tale was The Country Mouse and the City Mouse. It's a fable by the Greek storyteller Aesop, where a country mouse goes to the big city to visit his city cousin, where "we dine on cheese and fish and bread. Each night my dinner is brought to me. I eat whatever I choose. While you, country cousin, work your paws to the bone for humble crumbs in this humble home. I'm used to finery. To each his own, I see!" At the end of the story the country mouse hightails it back home, where life lacks the 'finery' but provides a much less hectic life. I grew up in a small city near the water, but have lived my entire adult life in the country and can see the 'draw' of both life styles. I really don't mind the wild turkeys running through the yard, howls of coyotes at night, the so black, so quiet, only star lit nights, the deer that come to eat the drops from the apple trees, or the hooting owl that visits the bank of spruce in January. Some say they couldn't take this life, others utter disdain for the hustle, bustle, and evils found in cities today. Me? When I visit, as I will soon, NYC, I envy the wide variety of choices when it comes to eateries, museums, colleges, the arts, and parks, but it's oh, so nice to be home again. 'To each his own' would be the moral here, I guess!

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  1. Dorothy Gale had it right, "there's no place like home." This is such a nicely composed shot, Birdman.