Friday, November 27, 2009

Deering Window

I once spent a lot of time on Deering Street and the surrounding area. Daily I had to walk to get the car in the parking lot behind Joe's Smoke Shop. One thing really jumped out at me and that was the architecture of the line of brick buildings. Probably the most prominent attribute of the structures were the bay windows on the ground apartments. They were mostly duplexes with two units on the first floor and two on the second. I'm always intrigued walking by streets in the city at night and for a brief moment 'peering in' on another's world. Hey, call me crazy, but there's 'pull' there for me. Even these days, when I'm going to a hockey or basketball game, I'll search out this street for a parking place and stroll towards CCCC looking right and left for alien worlds in our midst. Today? No, I won't be searching out Black Friday deals(refuse to honor that tradition), but I will be off on an adventure or two. Details to follow.


  1. Deering is one of my favorite Portland streets. The parking lot behind Joe's smoke shop was used by hospital staff when we lived there. Our first apartment actually looked over that parking lot.

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