Saturday, November 7, 2009

Portland Company

Some early morning sunlight falls on the inner driveways of the Portland Company along the waterfront. It's a nine acre industrial site on the eastern end of the waterfront. Established in 1846 as a locomotive foundry to build railroad equipment for the connection between Portland and Montreal, it has quite an interesting history indeed. Today, Portland Yacht Services is the main resident, with its marina and full service yard; although there are 15 or so other tenants scattered about. Entertaining Jersey in the Old Port and keeping tabs on my brother hanging around the 'golden dome' are my plans for the afternoon.


  1. Great plans for today, Birdman! Perhaps you could also turn on the tv at 2:30 and cheer for "the fighting Irish"!

  2. It's shaping up to be a gorgeous day. Have fun. Looking forward to a brief sojourn in Portland.

  3. B-man, haven't made the reservations yet but, yes, the plan at the moment is arrive in Portland on December 3 and back home to Vermont on the 5th.