Saturday, June 12, 2010

Adios Amigo

In another of my spring garden series, today I bid adieu to my favorite flower: the iris. There are still quite a few around in gardens behind the garage and off the deck, but they'll be fading fast this week ahead. Yesterday, I finished Phase III at Turning Point, my cardiac workout gym. At this point, I'm moving into my summer routine and for the time being plan to be working out on my own. I might return, in awhile. The comaraderie is addictive! On the exercise front-- I've been impressed that I've stuck with it... noting how much I've hated 'exercising in any way' in the past. Ah, but life presses on. Goodbyes are said. Changes are made. Doors open, that we didn't even know existed last week. As they say, it's the way of the world.


  1. Perfect symbol of your beautiful heart.

  2. Interesting Kitty. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Ha!

  3. Well, I hope you don't need the series again. I used to love to walk around the block with our dog Autumn Eve but when she died I lost all interest in walking. Every spot along the way was a reminder of her and what she did along as we walked and came to these spots. Believe it or not I soon developed bad arthritis and got so I couldn't walk. Went on chemo therapy MTX drugs for the pain and can walk pain free now but have no desire.