Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Italian Sandwiches

When my sister from Oregon visits back home, one of the first things she needs to do is take a trip to one of the many Amato's and get herself a loaded italian sandwich. My first experience with an 'italian' (ham, cheese, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, pickles and topped of with black olives and oil. Add salt and pepper to taste), I must admit, was not at Amato's, but at Carbone's Market at Morrills Corner. It was a duplex with a barroom on the right hand side and market on the left. The small mom and pop store had all the staples and saved you a trip to the new, and big A&P. But a big selling item, especially at lunch time or in the late afternoon was their italians. They were delicious! And cheap... 35 cents, 3 for a dollar. What a deal! This photo was taken of a sign posted on most of the Amato's stores. As the story goes, in 1902 the 'Real Italian Sandwich' was born, created by a young Italian immigrant named Giovanni Amato. Around here these days, you can get one at just about any corner store. Go to just about any place else on the planet and ask for an 'italian', and they'll look at you like you ARE from outer space. To these two pictured, quite a tribute...if the story is true, of course. Ever had one?


  1. When we lived out on the Eastern Prom we regularly walked to Amato's to pick up dinner but at this stage in life neither Mr. Brattcat nor I have the wherewithal to digest an Italian and so regretfully we always chose other options when we made it to the counter to place our order.

  2. Thanks for the memory of Carbone's Market. One hot summer day our neighbor on Stevens Avenue (Mrs. Vandermast) gave mom one to try when she heard mom had never had one before!! That was the true beginning of our family's love affair with the italian sandwich. After that day Carbone's Market not only provided groceries 'on the fly' but a true part of our own family's culture!

    Florida Checks In!

  3. Being a west coaster I guess I have never experienced the pleasure. MB

  4. Oh stop, I'm drooling all ready! The best part is the roll with the saturated olive oil!! I know, sinful....

  5. Lovely bit of nostalgia and great photo. Yes, and for me, the bread oil and spices make the sandwich. Definitely comfort food!