Friday, June 18, 2010

Deck Roses

This morning our rose bush off the back deck can't wait for summer. It's bursting with color already and waiting for the bees. Off on a quick trip to NH this morning before the pending heat wave hits this weekend. Can't complain... it's summer in Maine. Enjoy the hazy, hot and humid while you can.


  1. You're going to NH. Can't you come just a little further and coast into Vermont?

  2. Pretty in pink! You're right about enjoying even the heat and humidity. So much fun to see all the blossoms and the neighbors out and about during the summer.

  3. So nicely done, Birdman. Red roses, the color of love. Gorgeous colors!

    Enjoy your trip. But if you want really hot, humid weather, come to Ocala ... yikes!

  4. Thanks for you comment! :)
    Beautiful pink flowers btw
    Great blog you have here, I'll definitely follow it :)