Sunday, June 20, 2010

Afternoon Barn

Happy Fathers' Day!
I'm thinking of my Dad this morning. He was big on barns. When he knew we were looking for a old house back when, he gave me a bit of advice: 'make sure it has a barn'. Whew! It's some advice I'm glad I didn't take. The upkeep of one of these large structures can be astronomical! He did get a taste of barns himself. Growing up, we rented the house at 820 Washington Avenue with a huge barn. I spent my early school years in this house and had many adventures in structure attached to the house. Walking around on the ground floor or the attic, the aroma of cows permeated 'the world' around me. During our years on Washington, I remember being alone a lot with plenty of time for daydreaming and a good imagination while walking those wooden floors. The upstairs was full of packed boxes of old clothes and such. The most interesting being ones holding books and his WWII uniforms. He had a book of Bill Mauldin cartoons that I enjoyed looking at while sitting on a big pile of clothes. I liked roaming around up there, occasionally dodging the loud black crows that entered through the broken windows. I didn't like them! Today, the barn is still standing, but it has be turned into apartments. Dad wouldn't be happy!


  1. Thank you for taking us up into that attic with you. What a vivid reminiscence. What a warm, evocative image, too.

  2. I like the light and colors...

  3. The play of light on the barn is wonderful. I had a great time visualizing you as a young boy in that attic. Isn't it remarkable how kids can entertain much better than all the time spent on internet and video games.

  4. that is a beautiful building.
    one of my favorite things to take photos of~

    i don't have one either....

    have a wonderful day~~
    the road less traveled

  5. That's a great barn. We don't really have those around here.

  6. Wonderful old barn --- and childhood story too. Must be my midwestern roots -- I love a rustic looking barn.