Monday, June 7, 2010

Lavender Iris

This past week was prime time for all the irises in our gardens. Deep purples, pale yellows, wine-burgundies, and these lavender purples were all about. It's a beautifully, uplifting time of year to step out, near 6 AM, into a cool morning breeze and be faced with these. Van Gogh really was on to something when he painted them.

An Iris Blessing

By Georgia Gudykunst

May your blooms be floriferous and in good form,
Distinctive, with good substance, flare, and airborne,
With standards and falls that endure, never torn.
May you display many buds and blooms sublime,
In graceful proportion on strong stalks each day,
Gently floating above the fans and the fray.
May you too reach toward the moon and stars,
Bloom after bloom, many seasons in the sun,
Enjoying your life, health, and each loved one,
Until your 'living days are artfully done.


  1. If you recall Van Gogh's painting of the irises, they were all purple with one white one. Remember that one year when all purple ones came up in our garden and in the middle was one white one? Over by the stone wall? It happened only that one year and never again.

  2. I really like flowers
    and the iris is neat
    I wish I had more flowers
    like these.

  3. I wonder if that year E refers too was captured by her paintbrush. It would be fascinating to compare MsDownEastDoingStuff's interpretation to Vincent's.

  4. The older I get , the more I love iris. I don't know what that means.

  5. Lovely iris flowers - love, love the purple colors!