Monday, June 21, 2010


Little League Three, as it was known back then, played its games on the Riverside Street field. These days it falls under the name of Deering North Little League. When I stepped on it for the first time, I remember it being almost pristine with a new concession stand and a public address system and announcers sitting above. The dugouts were brand new and really were 'dugouts' and not ones at ground level. The wooden outfield fence was painted dark green all around with, as I remember, a few advertisements. KP (Knights of Pythias), Christy's Market, Pratt Abbott Cleaners and Christy's Hardware were the teams, with my brother and me donning the red and white of KP. Spring and early summer nights were exciting back then on this beautiful field. I stopped by yesterday--Some major investments are needed to this field to bring it back to what it once was... a Beauty!


  1. They were all "fields of dreams" when we were growing up.

  2. Nothing evokes memories of summer like a ball field, no matter its condition. And from this shot this one doesn't look too bad. Just not the field you remember.

  3. It reminded me for the very first sight of the "field of dreams" set . I have captured that place in Iowa:

    Nice blog you have!

    Thank you very much for your kind comment on my blog!

    Sue's Daily Photography

  4. It looks like it is still being used and that is really what matters.
    Our dreams never turn out the same in reality. MB

  5. For you, a place for good memories. For me, here in Europe,a strange place for a mysterious game..Ü
    Thank you for your visit. You're welcome!

  6. My son played a bit as a kid, but baseball isn't that popular here even if it has many real fans.

  7. And yes, how I remember, Birdman, sitting in those bleachers wondering when it would be over! Mom worked the concession back then and often on those nights, I being the older of your two sisters, in the days before girls ruled the fields, tagged along to cheer my brothers on!!! Thanks for the memory of dreamy days of summer and KP baseball!

    Florida Checks in!

  8. marchin O'neachtainJune 22, 2010 at 12:13 AM

    Thanks heart goes a pitter patter.

  9. Thanks for the photo -- and the name. I couldn't recall if it was indeed LL Three (for a story) or not and Google led me to your blog.

    I too played for KP -- late 60's -- I think the coach, a crackerjack, was named Moody. I also recall the Lemieux brothers as some of the most skilled on the field. And a big guy -- Dimatteo was his name, I think -- hitting a homer that I swear cleared the trees and headed for the Farm League field.