Thursday, June 3, 2010


Call them lupin; call them lupine. Regardless of the spelling, they're an amazing flowering plant. One of the harbingers of early summer for me is the scattering of lupines along the highways around here. In the fog, in the sun, or in the rain they are resilient and can totally pick me up on a lazy, unmotivated day. They seem to love rocks and hillsides. I guess they can get along with everyone... except me. I have not had good luck trying to grow them at the homestead. Our chipmunks LOVE them also!


  1. I've been out snapping images of lupines, too. I found some in a meadow. They are like beautiful dancers, so tall and lithe. Nice shot, BMan.

  2. They're such graceful flowers. Lovely.

    Norwich Daily Photo

  3. Out here they're much closer to the ground. Mixed with California poppies, they become the quintessential plein air composition. Your photo makes me wonder what the range for lupine is.

  4. I have 'mystery' Lupines growing next to my house and I have no idea where they came from but I'm glad they're there. Their color is not as vibrant as the ones you've captured.
    ☼ Sunny