Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today, I'll be thinking of a close friend of mine. She's quite cool, and last summer we had fun at Willard.

Nickname: Calicakes

Favorite Color: baby blue
Spare time fun: playing with my friends, roller skating, riding my bike, tea parties
TV shows: Hannah Montana Wizards of Waverly Place
Sport: swimming in my pool and boogie boarding at Flagler Beach in Florida
Best Book: Annie: Boss of Girl's Packing Trip
Food: pasta!
Best friend : 3 way tie Maddie, Tristan, and Catherine
Subject: writing!
Big achievement this year: made a score of 4 in Math and a 4 in Reading on the state of Florida FCAT test (out of 5) Wow!!!
Favorite car: I want to drive when I'm 16 Corvette or Lamborghini
What I'm doing this summer: beach with the family and Oregon to visit Aunt Jo Jo and Uncle Bruce (wishing to ride his motorcycle)
Future ambition: artist or teacher

Well, that's Cali! Happy 9th Birthday to my niece Cali in Florida! Let me see-- do I even remember Nine?


  1. Happy Birthday Cali !!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great summer, miss you!

  2. Have a very happy birthday, Cali.

  3. Happy Birthday Cali...

    A very lovely shot of a nice girl...

  4. Happy Birthday to a wonderful little girl! We so looking forward to your visit this July!

  5. Hello, I`m just visiting, and I would like to say really n ice pics, very colorful, well salutes from Argentina.

  6. Wow, I don't think I was ever this cool when I was nine! Obviously she knows who she is and what she wants! Happy Birthday ;D

  7. Uncle Mark,
    Thank you for putting my picture on your web site and I had a great birthday party. I wish you were here to celebrate with me! We had a good cake that I designed. It had surf boards and a sun with palm trees and a beach. Guess what? I got a camera!!! So now I can give you some competition! Also send you some pictures.