Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Gray Subject

I was searching along the water's edge yesterday morning. On a bit of a quest. You see, my friend Bonnie is an artist, and she often uses bridges around the area as her subjects. This is one of her latest. It's Tukey's Bridge, a stretch of Route 295 that links the neighborhoods of East Deering and Munjoy Hill. Growing up, maybe because there was water on either side of the overpass, I always thought it was 'Two Keys' Bridge not Tukey's. I've always thought it was a funny name. Facts be told, the bridge was named for Lemuel Tukey. He was a tax collector and a tavern owner from this area of the city in the late 18th Century. Anyway, she paints quite often with her trusty companion, Paulie, nearby and a dispenser of mace at the ready. She tells me often, while working, she's approached by people, most who are just interested in seeing her work, but some who are rather shady looking characters. Hence the mace. Now, I'm not a painter and have never asked her what she calls her 'bridgework. As an outsider, I'd call it pretty abstract. In some of her work you'd be hard pressed to discover a bridge span; however, I do love her colors and designs. There's a lot more color in them then all the gray I'm offering this morning.
Now, I know what you are thinking.
No, I've never approached her while she's painting.
Besides, I'm a suspicious character not shady... or sketchy.


  1. Your photo here makes me think that a change in weather is headed your way.

  2. I hope the sun comes out for you!

  3. this reminds me of the coronado bridge...although yours is shorter but the blue border makes me think of it! brings back lots of memories!

  4. Oh, it's Tukey's. I thought it said Turkeys but wasn't surprised 'cause I've heard that only in Maine will y'all drive over bridges that are "turkeys." Not only that, but the guy that the bridge was named for was a "muel."

    I'd better stop now 'cause I have this feeling that I might be getting into trouble.

  5. It's a good looking bridge. Reminds me of one or two here.

  6. We do not dedicate bridges to tax collectors...