Friday, November 25, 2011


Some of my friends have headed South, and after 'surviving' the Parade yesterday, I want to get away too. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was always a staple in our house, amid the wonderful aromas of the bird and all its fixins in the oven. My brother and sisters would sit mesmerized in front of our Philco, as we watched floats, bands and balloons come, one after another, across the screen. It was a ritual of the day in our home. Today, I must admit, those days are gone, but I still do like to find and watch it for a few minutes so I can still say, "there, I watched it.", even for just a few fleeting moments. Hey, call me an old 'fuddy-dutty' ( Sheeesh, I can't believe I called myself that), but yesterday, as I searched the screen for my clown buddy Gary, decked out in his safari gear, I almost wanted to throw a turkey leg at the screen. I had to ask or scream, as I subjected myself to the ridiculous TODAY Show hosts pandering their way through act after act on 'stage' in front of Macy's, where was the PARADE? Anne, Matt, Al and Macy's, it was an embarrassing 3 hour display. I had to shut 'er down! I couldn't even wait for my favorite part, Santa. You should ALL be ashamed! But knowing you guys, you probably thought it was wonderful. Do me and many more a big favor, crawl out from under you rock you are living under and bring back the PARADE!
... and nope, never caught a glimpse of Gary. Thanks, Macy's!


  1. remember the expression "kill your tv". sounds like one of those moments. did you ever see gary?

  2. I agree!!! Well, you know this, because I was sitting right next to you, b!t@hing.
    Performance after performance for the 'dignitaries' and the TV cameras that get to sit in the 'expensive' seats in front of Macys.
    Now, I'm sure if I had a child or relative that was performing, I'd be thrilled......but I'd be thrilled if my son got up and sang chop sticks during the weather on channel 6.

    Yes, bring back the parade.....floats, balloons and a few kid marching bands. Please, Macys.

    Sorry we didn't see you Gary.

  3. Missed it! Sounds like I didn't miss much. Love that green birdhouse with the layer of frosting.

  4. Yes, I'm with you, too. My husband said it sounded like a VERY long commercial.

  5. i can't stand the scripted banter they have to go thru. i can't watch any of it...

  6. Looks as though egos top tradition during the big parade! Your birdhouse looks a bit chilly...our snow is gone already and hope it stays away for awhile since we are now enjoying balmy 50 degree temperatures of late!

  7. I've never watch the Macy's parade, but I am fond of the Tournament of Roses parade. Some day I hope to go to Pasadena and see it in person.

    Hate to tell you, but Gary probably retired : (

    And I agree that we need less commentator and more parade...

  8. Doesn't sound good Birdman, sounds like it made you all grrrrrrr! Never min, now do any birds occupy the birdhouse in winter, or do they all fly away to warmer climes!! Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  9. i dont have a tv since almost 2 years, and i dont miss it.... i sometimes watch some while in the gym, but its more like; lets try not to look at how many more minutes i have to go until the commercials are over. but the commercials always take so long... :)
    i had my first turkey yesterday, and i start to get how special it can be, especially for kids, this big bird in the oven for hours!

  10. I watched the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade and it was great. I fell in love with Chicago last June when I went up on a train to visit relatives. I want to go back and stay a week and just look around if these "old bones" can stand it. I have "fallen out" with Matt, Ann and Al so never watch them any more. Ha.

  11. Why can't they understand what everyone else understands? Write 'em a strongly worded letter. Not too strong mind. You can get arrested for saying what you think these days.

  12. Philco!

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