Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Apple Caper

This is a real who-dunnit.
It's an apple caper, if you will.
My question: how the heck did this half-eaten apple ever get to the top of this birdhouse.
Some early responders were: 

Madge said, "a crow or raven."

TexWisGirl commented, "squirrel?"

Jack(the jester) replied, "You put it there. Fess up."

Come on. Get creative. I think I know the culprit but... make me smile.


  1. William Tell put it there hoping everyone else would think the green birdhouse was his son's head.

  2. I think that a crow put it up there.

  3. If it was here I'd say a raccoon. Do you have them out at your place?

  4. It's too well placed and balanced to be from anything but human hands. It's also sort of surrealistic. Marcel Duchamp?

  5. Kind of a William Tell birdhouse! :-)