Monday, December 22, 2014


They are everywhere. 
Got one?
Maine: The Way Life Should Be. If you are new to our state, you'll see this sign as you enter the state at its southern border in Kittery.
Portland, Maine: Yes. Life's Good Here. Our city has recently adopted one. Some like it. Some think it's silly.
Reny's: A Maine Adventure. Although there are only 16, Reny's Department stores seem to be all over the state. Since being born in Damariscotta in 1949, this place remains a part of only a few family owned and operated chains in the state. Looking for a last minute gift for Christmas, stocking stuffers for the kids or as they say just about 'anything', You'll probably leave satisfied if you are checking out in this store.
Slogans are funny things. A great deal of research, design and big bucks enter the equation when companies, states and other jurisdictions attempt set themselves apart from the pack with a catchy and unique slogan. I always got a kick out of the Dallas Cowboys billing themselves in the 80's as 'America's Team'. As if...
Seen a good one recently?
Birdman: Your Favorite Rubric's Cube.
See? Silly, maybe stupid. 


  1. Looks like the store may have a record of your visit. :-)

  2. Not my kind of store. It is sensory overload and it makes me want to flee.

  3. I find most slogans to be silly so I will always make up my own versions when I see one. Birdman,Slogans Schmlogans!

  4. I do have some slogans but they are NSFW. Re your comment on Ocala: If you've been teaching in the same town for god knows how long, it's no wonder you avoid public places. All kinds of people are probably gunning for you. I can see some scruffy old yokel running up to you sayinig "Hey, Mr. Dunderhead! You have me a B plus instead of an A in 1984. Ruined my life! Heh, heh.

    Went to a party a couple of nights ago and they served Old Thumper beer from Portland, Maine. I was really surprised, never having heard of such a beer, but I did say, "Hey I know an Old Thumper from Portland, Maine." They didn't want to hear the rest of my story, though.

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  5. Arizona; the Grand Canyon State. There's no arguing with that one.

  6. Yes, Shipyard Brewing here is my favorite brewery in Maine. They have a holiday brew called Prelude that is the BEST. Got a 12 pack ready to crack on the 25th. 'Toasty'!

  7. don't mess with texas? :P

    (your comment made me laugh. thanks!)

  8. I won't even try this in my own language...

  9. They all seem rather silly!
    I'm hearing the Hollies - much better than some of the Christmas songs they are playing.

  10. Berlin's slogan is "poor, but sexy!". I think it fits. :)

  11. You could go for something a little different and nod towards the favourite son of Maine: "Maine: It's Not All A Stephen King Horror Novel."

  12. Plenty but I forget them all. A lot of places seem to auto-call themselves the best place to live!

  13. My favorite is one I see around Port Townsend, WA: We're here because we're not all there.
    Hope your knee's doing better.

  14. Iowa is always good for a slogan. It used to be: "Iowa, a place to grow" but now it is "Iowa, fields of opportunity." (They are famous for paving over acres of farm fields, if that's what they mean by "opportunity".)

  15. Birdman: At Least He is Not a Kardashian.