Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Sunrise

So yesterday afternoon, Mr. Birdman announces to me that he wants me to compose something for his photoblog on New Years Eve proclaiming what I think his new year’s resolutions should be. 
“HO HO!!!” I yell, SILENTLY in my own head. “GOLDMINE!!” I can feel the wheels spinning…
“What?” I quietly say, “I don’t know if I can think up any…”   trying to hide my snarky grin.
So let’s see now…….I’ve been thinking about this for hours. 
I know he can easily come up with a list a mile long for me, but I also know that he would never do that. So having him be less sarcastic and demanding wouldn’t make the list.
He’s too nice.
I might go the route of him helping more around the house now that he’s retired and I’m not….nah, he’s pretty good in that department, too. (There is one part of that which needs tweaking…. I’ll get to that later.)
This isn’t as easy as I thought. Considering I do have to continue living with the man after I post my resolutions for him….I have to be careful.
So, here we go: (these are so lame….)
Close closet doors when you are finished.
After you so some work around the house, when you are done, turn around and LOOK at it. If it’s all screwed up looking, unscrew it. (this is the tweak….)
Learn to cook.
Now, I’m at a loss………
I guess that’s a good thing. My wheels have stopped spinning….
I suppose all I really want is for him to just keep on being himself. (since he can’t be Johnny Depp…)
This is the best I could do, Bird. Sigh.
Now you may give me my gift….you know, the one you were going to give to Heidi Klum if you ever ran into her. ;-)



  1. Very funny and strangely moving!

  2. Birdman, you need to start working on these things.

  3. Oh, this was really a surprise!

  4. Just get on with it man - tomorrow's another year

  5. haha. you two...

    (dear mr. birdman. my wish for you for 2015 is for you to make your email address public so when you leave comments, folks can respond to them via email - especially when you ask questions like, 'are whistlers poop-messy?' the answer to that is slightly. i have to brush off the deck railings on occasion as they like to roost there. but the grounds do not show a lot of their fertilizer - unlike, say, canada geese who i've heard are terrible. anyway, that's my 2 cents to add to elenka's list.)

  6. Elenka, you are unbelievably supportive. Everyone should have an Elenka in their life. That would be a good wish for 2015. Happy New Year!

  7. You are a very lucky man, Birdman.

  8. It sounds like there isn't much to change in Birdman! Hope you both have a great New Year's eve tonight.

  9. :-)

    Happy New Year's Eve! (And I'd love to get myself to NYC again but I have other things planned...)

  10. He can't be Johnny Depp, huh?

    Happy New Year, Elenka and Birdman!

  11. Good job, Elenka. You are too kind, but I sense your diplomacy. Birdman, go ahead, learn to cook. It can be great fun, and provide amazingly good food.

  12. Happy new year, Birdman and Elenka!

  13. Heres wishing you and the Birdman a Super 2015!!


    PS: Re your question on my post - The Sion Hillock Fort is a fort in Mumbai, India. It was built under the regime of the English East India Company, between 1669 and 1677, atop a conical hillock when Gerard Aungier was the Governor of Bombay.

  14. Wonderful post and photo. I'll bet Heidi couldn't come up with on this good.

  15. What better wish than wanting someone to be who they already are!!